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Skin Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels & Medi-Spa Facials ...A brighter, more radiant complexion

medik8 skincare biotechnology

Medik8 is a British Skincare Research company pioneering cosmeceutical technologies to manufacture the most effective products.

Chemical peels are chemical treatments that can lead to impressive improved skin appearance. Peels can be applied to the face, chest, back or hands. Peels are often categorised by their depth: superficial, medium & deep. The deeper the peel the more dramatic skin improvement can be achieved. Deeper penetration invariably equals longer recovery time and side effects can be more profound. That is why at The Retreat we offer FREE consultations where the correct facial or peel treatment will be prescribed according to skin, lifestyle & budget. You will be provided with written pre & post care instructions and skincare advice in order to optimise results and aid recovery.

MediSpa Facial

A Prescription facial designed to address the most common skin concerns. Inclusive of cleanse, exfoliation, massage, prescription mask, & deep tissue hydration treatment. £60

Hydr8™ Facial For all skin types, especially dry & dehydrated
Beta Facial For oily, combination, congested & acne prone skin
Red Alert® Facial For hypersensitive & redness prone skin
White Balance™ Facial For hyper-pigmented skin types
Anti-Ageing Facial For fine lines & wrinkles

professional strength award winning latest technologies

Customised Level 1 Peel

A non-invasive superficial peel treatment designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Helps to alleviate dryness, diminish the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, decreases erythema, & hyper-pigmented areas. Reduces the appearance of open pores, and deep cleans the pores to prevent the formation of whiteheads & blackheads.

Beta Peel Combats acne, breakouts & congestion
Eye Peel For crows feet
White Peel For pigmentation
Age Peel For fine lines & wrinkles

1 Treatment £70
Course of 4 x Treatments £280 (includes a £40 skincare voucher)
Course of 6 x Treatments £400 (includes a £60 skincare voucher)

Customised Level 2 Peel

A medium level peel treatment designed to remove the entire epidermis.

Peeling agents are used to lighten areas of hyper-pigmentation, treat sun-damaged skin, acne, mild scarring, discoloration & moderate wrinkling. These peels such as the Jessner peels have the ability to significantly accelerate the skin’s rejuvenation process.

1 Treatment £80
Course of 4 x Treatments £320 (includes a £60 skincare voucher)

Advanced De-Pigmenting Peel Treatment

A specialist medium level peel designed to address pigmentation, melisma and severe sun damage.

1 Treatment £115 (Includes Professional Intense Brightening Serum)

7 days post treatment of customised level 2 peels