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Facial Aesthetics

Teresa Kis (nee Simmonds) is an independent nurse prescriber. She is fully insured and experienced, giving you total piece of mind that you will receive the very best care. She has worked in the aesthetic industry since 2003, and is a member of the BACN (British Association of Aesthetic Nurses) Teresa also works as a senior nurse trainer for a leading pharmaceutical company, training other nurses and doctors in basic and advanced dermal filler techniques.

Teresa has presented and demonstrated dermal filler techniques at aesthetic conferences including FACE, IAAFA and BACN, & has worked alongside many Key Opinion Leaders in the industry.

Teresa advises clients that when having any advanced Aesthetic treatment, it is important that the procedure is carried out by a skilled practitioner. Time should be given to the client to make an informed decision as to what is the right treatment for them to achieve their desired outcome. As such, at The Retreat we offer a free no obligation consultation prior to any of these treatments.

The Consultation

Your first step is to have an individual assessment to evaluate which of our advanced aesthetic treatments is best for you, and where any side effects can be identified & risks reduced following a medical consultation. This consultation is free of charge. Rest assured that written aftercare is also provided following any of these advanced treatments.

Botulinum Therapy (Botox)

Botox® is the trade name for Botulinum Toxin which is a prescription drug, and therefore it is unlawful for anyone other than a qualified Medical Practitioner to prescribe. Despite its popularity, Botox® is not a treatment taken lightly, with possible side effects if administered incorrectly, or used on those with certain medical conditions. Botox® has been researched since the 50’s and has been used medically for many years to treat muscular disorders.

There are many factors that contribute to the ageing of our skin (sun-damage, alcohol, smoking, etc.), lines develop because the muscled underneath cause it to crease when we use them to create facial expressions. Botox® relaxes specific muscles allowing the overlying skin to smooth out. The principle facial areas treated are central frown lines, forehead creases and wrinkles around the eyes.

The dose for cosmetic use is very small and side effects are rare and will be discussed fully at your initial consultation. Botox® is given by injection directly into the muscles concerned. Any discomfort is very mild and of a temporary nature. You will be provided with written after care.

In most people the effects become apparent after 10 to 14 days and initial results last an average of 3 to 6 months. The muscles then gradually regain their original strength.

Below is a price list for the treatments that we provide for the treatment of lines & wrinkles.

Botulinum Injection Prices

Treatment Price
30 minute Consultation Free of Charge


Treatment Women Men (Men require a higher dose)
One Area £200 £210
Two Areas £260 £280
Three Areas £320 £350
Additional Areas £60 £70
The Ultimate Brow Lift £350  

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating) Treatment

For some people excessive sweating causing unsightly damp patches can be very embarrassing. Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is an extremely effective treatment in the under arm area, palms of hands & soles of feet. A number of tiny injections are administered to block the nerve endings that supply the sweat glands, temporarily stopping the sweating, with treatment generally lasting 6-9 months. Once the treatment wears off, it can be repeated as often as necessary.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Prices

The cost for this treatment is dependent on the size of the area & so is determined on consultation.

Guide Price £400

Future Maintenance & Frequency of Botox Treatments

For maximum effect it is important that all of these treatments are carried out on a regular basis. If too much time is left in-between sessions, you would lose the benefit of any ongoing improvement.

Therefore in order to encourage regular treatment and thus to maximise the effects, The Retreat offers a 10% discount on all Botox® treatments carried out within 6 months of the original session and will retain this discount permanently for all patients who continue to receive treatment successively within the following 6 monthly periods.

Hyaluronic Dermal Filler Treatments - Restylane, Emervel & Juvederm

Dermal Fillers can help restore your skin to its former youthful, fuller appearance and treat signs of ageing. Overtime, as the skin ages, it loses some of its collagen and fat – the natural underlying material that gives the skin structure and prevents your skin from sagging – and as a result, the skin becomes wrinkled.

Dermal fillers are pure crystal-clear Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gels which, when injected into the skin, replenishes the natural HA which is lost through ageing – delivering action directly where it is needed. It boosts the skin’s own hydration system and restores youthful volume by supporting the skin’s structure and working at a deep dermal level to help delay the signs of ageing. Research has also shown that continuous use of hyaluronic fillers can stimulate the body’s own collagen to regenerate.

Dermal fillers are injected gently with very fine needles into areas of the skin where it needs to be plumped-up and made to look firmer such as for lines and wrinkles, it is also popular for shaping and enhancing lips, lifting the corners of the mouth, cheek sculpting tear troughs and facial sculpturing.

There is a whole range of filler products that have been developed for use in different areas of the face and lips. As they are not derived from animals, they are extremely safe. It is not necessary to perform pre-testing. These fillers all contain local anaesthetic which considerably reduces any discomfort during the procedure and for several hours afterwards.

Dermal Filler Treatment Prices

Treatment Price
1ml Restylane / Emervel Classic / Juvederm 3 £300
1ml Restylane Perlane / Emervel Deep / Juvederm 4 £310
1ml Restylane Lip Volume / Emervel Lips £320

Facial Rejuvenation

Made from the same stabilised acid as other filler products, however these products have been developed as a completely smooth gel. In this form it is designed to boost the skins natural hydration and so counter the effects of aging and sun damage.

A course of 3 treatments 4 weeks apart are recommended followed by a maintenance session approx. 6-12 monthly.

Rejuvenation Prices

1ml Restylane Vital (Skin boosters) = £280 Course of 3 = £750

PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a new & innovate approach to skin regeneration & repair. It is a revolutionary system that places natural growth factors in the exact location where we want our skin to rejuvenate itself. This procedure has been widely used in medicine for tissue healing and has been subjected to extensive clinical trials sowing great effectiveness.

A small amount of your own blood is harvested & then treated in a centrifuge to extract the platelet rich plasma in a safe clinical manner. This plasma containing your own unique concentrated platelets and tissue growth factors is injected into areas of the face, neck and décolletage, and other areas of the skin that require revitalisation using very fine needles.

A course of 3 is recommended 4 weeks apart. Visible results may take 3-6 weeks and clinical evaluations have shown that the effect continues over time and usually lasts longer than other injection therapies. Your skin tone and texture will improve as new collagen cells are stimulated and develop.

PRP Prices
PRP Treatment = £300 Course of 3 = £850