Semi-Permanent Make Up in Eastbourne

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Semi-Permanent Make Up

wake up with make up by Kerry Robertson

semi permanent make up ...feel permanently beautiful

It always feels good to look one's best. Whether you are working out or going to candlelight dinner. Permanent Make-up by LCN provides permanent beauty. Perfectly shaped eyebrows, a perfect eye line and beautifully shaped sensual lips become part of daily accoutrement.

Competence and Quality – For Your Personal Beauty

Permanent Make-up colours are the finest colour pigments. They are biological and dermatologically safe. They have been tested and certified. Our Permanent Make-up system enables us to draw the finest lines and achieve fascinating results that look absolutely natural. The colours used are individually mixed according to your skin type and your personal requirements.

The Way To A Perfect Result In Pigmentation

Kerry the Permanent Make-up specialist will provide an extensive consultation and all the information you need.  A medical history form is completed to confirm suitability. First the shape and colour of the pigmentation are defined with precise drawing and discussed with you. Highly effective topical anaesthetic cream is applied together with the cooling element in order to ensure minimum discomfort. Then the colour is inserted in the skin. Initially the colour is more intense. After 2-3 weeks the pigmentation has reached its “final stage”. It now has the desired shade. FREE second appointment after 6 weeks ensures that the pigmentation is thoroughly checked, if necessary perfected. A Patch test has to be performed minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment to confirm that there is no adverse skin reaction.

semi permanent make up on the eyeline and the lips

You Have Various Options

Eyebrows – Correcting the shape and drawing of single hairs. The result is perfectly shaped brows.

Eye line – Eye line is applied to the upper and/or lower lid. Those who wear glasses or suffer from allergies immediately notice the advantage.

Lash enhancement – The pigment is placed in the lash line. Your lashes appear thick and full without the use of mascara.

Lips – A perfect and permanent lip line draws attention to your lips. You can enhance or change the shape of your lips according to personal wishes.

microblading ...beautiful natural brows

Microblading offers an alternative method to established Semi-Permanent Make-up techniques. Using organic pigments, extremely fine hairs can be created: correcting & reconstructing brows that are asymmetrical, over-plucked or balding, to achieve a more natural look.

before and after of microbladed eyebrows

Treatment Price
Consultation & Patch Test Free
Lip Line £250
Eyebrows £275
Eye Line (top AND bottom) £250
Eye Line (top OR bottom) £200
Lash Enhancement £250
Eyebrow Microblading £250
6 Weeks Top Up Session Free