Thread or Spider Vein Removal


Laser Thread or Spider Vein Removal in Eastbourne

There are many different types of vascular lesions including thread veins, spider naevi, rosacea and angiomas. Many of these can be either completely removed or significantly improved using the Nd Yag or IPL with dramatic results.

Vascular lesions can be present from birth or develop with age.

They occur when the small capillaries in your skin become dilated and can give the appearance of red spots, or sometimes larger lesions. They can also spread out like thread veins or spider veins.

Consultation and patch test required 1 week prior to treatment.
Consultation – Free
Patch Test - £20 This is redeemed against your first treatment.
Price £150    Course of 3 - £350    Course of 6 - £600
Duration of Treatment: 45-60 minutes.
Recovery: Slight Redness to No Downtime
Treatment Interval:  4 - 6 weeks
Pre –Treatment Advice: Avoid sun exposure 30 days prior to treatment
Post –Treatment Advice:  Use Aloe-vera gel on the treated area along with an SPF 30-50

Laser Thread or Spider Vein Removal Treatment Prices
One Treatment
From £150
Course of 3
Course of 6

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